What Are Skreenz™ ?

Skreenz™ are quality-crafted insect barriers for the windows, grills, sun roof and cargo doors of your van or camper. Made of a special coated 20 x 20 mesh black fiberglass material that stretches in the bias direction but not in the waft or weave directions, Skreenz™ fit snugly around a van door window frame and stay tight when you close the door, keeping out flying insects – especially no-see’ums and potentially dangerous West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes. Simply open your van doors, slide the Skreenz™ over the door frame (kind of like an upside-down sock), close the Velcro around the mirror – if you have one) and close the doors. The bugs stay out and the breezes come in. And the door’s seals won’t leak if it rains.

Skreenz™ are available for both domestic and import vans, conversion vans, and Class ‘C’ vehicles. When ordering, use the chassis year, NOT the conversion van name/year. Skreenz™ can also be custom-made for most vehicles. We also fabricate rear passenger door Skreenz™ for some SUVs. Recently, we began fabricating Skreenz™ for sun roofs, grills, and rear and side cargo doors of most popular vans.

How do I use Front Door Window Skreenz™?
Skreenz™ are simple to install. Just follow the directions that come with each product. For example, follow the three steps below to install your Front Door Window Skreenz™.
1. Open the door to your RV/camper van.
2. Slide the Skreenz™ over the top of the door frame – kind of like an upside-down sock or pillow case. Close the Velcro around the mirror if you have one.
3. Close the door to snug up the Skreenz™ around your door frame and you’re done! Skreenz™ will not fit If you have rain deflectors on your door frames. You will have to remove the rain deflectors to allow the Skreenz™ to fit properly.

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