FAQs (What’s bugging you?)

Here are some common questions and answers about Skreenz™:

Where are Skreenz™ manufactured?
We make Skreenz in Marshall, North Carolina, USA. We place a SKREENZ label on all of our products. We are proud that our products are made in the USA out of materials that are made in the USA.

What kind of materials are used to fabricate Skreenz™ ?
Skreenz are made of a black 20×20 mesh, special coated fiberglass material that has a unique property of not stretching in the horizontal and vertical direction (the waft and the weave) while stretching on the bias. This allows the Skreenz to snugly fit around a van door window frame and stay tight when you close the doors, keeping out flying insects. Sewn edges are finished with a binding material to give them a professional, finished look. The bottom of the Front Door Window Skreenz are left with the selvedge as delivered from the screen factory.

How are Skreenz™ packaged?
Front Door Window Skreenz are sold as a package of two Skreenz – one for the left and one for the right van door. Imagine that the left door is a mirror image of the right door. Van doors that have outside mirrors create a “left” and a “right” side. They are packaged in a reusable storage pouch. All of our Skreenz products are packaged in a reusable storage pouch like the front door Skreenz.

What information do you need to make certain I get the correct Skreenz™ for my vehicle?
The year, manufacturer and/or model of your vehicle is all we need. For example, 2004 Ford F350 full size van; 1988 Caravan; 2001 Roadtrek on a 2000 Chevy Van chassis. The name of the conversion van is not helpful – we need the chassis model and year to make sure you get the correct Skreenz.

Can the Skreenz™ be put on and taken off my van easily?
Yes. The average time it takes to put them on is less than 10 seconds per door. Removal time is about two seconds (Really!).

Is it easy to store Skreenz™ when they are not being used?
Yes. Many hunters, fishermen, campers, hikers, and other outdoorsmen just fold them up and stuff them in their coat pocket. One Skreenz (one van door window covering) folds up to be about the size of a paperback book. Skreenz store easily in a glove compartment or side pocket in the reusable pouch supplied with each pair of Skreenz. There is an optional storage bag available for $7. The Sunroof Skreenz also comes in a reusable storage pouch.

Will Skreenz™ hurt the paint finish on my van?
No. Skreenz have been tested and used for over 20 years and have yet to show any signs of wear, abrasion, or scratching of paint.

Can I leave Skreenz™ on my van doors while I drive around town?
There are certain sun/shade situations where Skreenz will block your view of the mirrors outside your van so you will not be able to see vehicles approaching from behind. We strongly suggest that you do not drive with the Front Door Window Skreenz in place.

My van door has a mirror outside. Will my Skreenz™ fit?
Yes. We accommodate this problem by cutting a slot for the mirror and making a Velcro strap around the bottom of the mirror so the Skreenz will slip over the van door and still work properly. Some vehicles have power windows that require a slightly different mirror opening in the Skreenz.

Can I lock the door of my van if I have Skreenz™ the front, side or rear door?
Yes. Normally, Skreenz will not impede the locking or unlocking of the van doors. However, this should not be construed as being a safe or secure door from the outside if the window is left rolled down.

Can I roll my windows up or down if I have a Front Door Window Skreenz™ in place?
Yes. This is one of the biggest advantages of Skreenz. Skreenz are custom-fitted upside-down “pillow cases” or “socks” that slip over the top of the window frame of a van door when it is open. Closing the door then provides two layers of fiberglass screen protection against flying, stinging insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, flies, and other pesky bugs. It allows you to adjust the amount of fresh air you want to have inside the van by rolling the window up or down to suit your comfort needs.

Will my van doors leak if it rains and I have a Front Door Window Skreenz™ on them?
No. The Skreenz are made of a soft, yet strong, water-resistant material that is so thin that it allows the gaskets around van doors to completely close and form a seal, as they normally would. We have found that the Skreenz will allow you to have the windows rolled down about one or two inches and not allow the rain to come inside the van.

Will Skreenz™ keep “no-see’ems” (miniature black flies) out of our van while we sleep?
Yes. All Skreenz products are fabricated using a 20×20 fiberglass mesh material to keep out stinging, biting insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, horse/deer/house flies and those really small, pesky “no-see-ems”.