Testimonials from Satisfied customers

We have received the following photos letters, e-Mails, and phone calls praising Skreenz™:

“My current SkeeterBeaters bug screens that I have used for several years tend to blow off and can’t be trusted to withstand a curious dog nose when he sees a squirrel on the ground outside the van. Your Front Door Window Skreenz™ works!”
Elaine C. – California 2019.

“Our van pictured above with our fabulous new Skreenz™ taken at the
beach on Prince Edward Island… All those stories you hear about the bugs being REALLY big in Canada are true, but they never got to us!” Fred & Vic F. of Florida 2018

“Pleased to advise that my Skreenz™ arrived today for my Honda Element. I am impressed with the material and workmanship. Here is a photo of our Skreenz™ on our vehicle parked near our World Famous Liftlocks (100 years old in 2004), the world’s highest hydraulic lift lock.
It is on the Trent Canal system which goes from Lake Ontario to Georgian Bay.”
Paul W. of Peterborough, ON Canada 2016

“I got my Skreenz™ for my 2003 Honda Element & they fit perfectly & look great. You guys did a great job.”  
Gail R. of Northvale NJ 2010

“We are very happy with the Skreenz™ we ordered from you earlier this year. Nice product, well made, and they work! ”
Dave & Jane W. – Vermont

• I just received my front door screens in the mail for my 1998 Roadtrek 200 Popular on a Chev Express van. They fit like a glove and look great. What a quality product. Exactly what I have needed. So glad I heard about your company. I will tell all my friends.
Bruce – Alberta, Canada

• I was driving through town on my way home from a camping trip in our van. The Skreenz™ spoiled a would-be thief by preventing him from being able to reach my purse on the front seat of my van while it was stopped at a red light.
J.T. – Chicago

• Skreenz™ provides fresh air for my pet while I go shopping. (This is not recommend since some pets love to claw and scratch at the Skreenz™ for fun and self entertainment.)
S.W. – Omaha

• Skreenz™ allows me to keep the flies out of my van while I go shopping. In the past my choice was coming back to a hot van if I left the windows rolled up, or, a cool van full of flies if I left the windows rolled down.
L.R. – Minneapolis

• Skreenz™ saves us gas when we go for our evening drive on the beach. We love to park along the beach and watch the birds. Before Skreenz™ we had to keep the air conditioning running to keep the windows up to keep out the flies and other flying bugs. Now we slip on our Skreenz™ and roll the windows down as much as we want. Saves us gas!
E.B. – Miami  

• We have a fleet of vans which we have outfitted with Skreenz™. They save us gas and reduce pollution because they provide a way for our field crews to keep mosquitoes, flies, bees and wasps out of their van while they are inside writing up work orders, reports, and completing task forms in the field. Before Skreenz™ our field crews would get in the vans to get away from the flies and hornets and have to run the air conditioning while the windows were rolled up.
J.C. – Alabama