SliderSkreenz for Sliding Windows on Pickup trucks & Campers & RVs

SliderSkreenz™ is a new product for the slider windows on your
RV/Camper van, side and rear door slider windows, or pick-up truck rear windows.
The SliderSkreenz™ is made of soft, yet strong, 20×20 mesh, vinyl coated fiberglass screen material.

SliderSkreenz™ attaches to the slider windows of your RV/camper vans or pick-up truck in seconds using Velcro. No tools needed.
It comes packaged in a reusable storage pouch.
SliderSkreenz™ gives you the amount of fresh air you need while protecting you from flies and mosquitoes.

How to measure and order for any RV/camper van or pickup truck:

Rear Pickup Truck 2-Part Window


Rear Pickup Truck Single Window


Typical Sliding Window on RVs

Measure A, B, and C in inches.
“A” Height of window opening in inches
“B” Width of window opening in inches
“C” Width of frame in inches
Use the dimensions to fill in the order form below.
Click on the Add to Cart Button below to order a SliderSkreenz™

The price for a SliderSkreenz™ is $40 each plus $10 packing/shipping via US Postal Priority Service anywhere in the Continental USA only – total $50. Orders without a telephone number will not be processed. For Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and other international destinations, please contact us for a quote.

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