Custom Made Skreenz

We do make custom Skreenz. Over the years we have made Skreenz for boats, semi-trucks, fleets of utility trucks, railroad cars, and even an aircraft.

Here is the process:
1 – We try to find an auto dealer within 50 miles that has a vehicle like yours 
2 – We visit the location and measure/fit the first test pattern
3 – We return home to our shop and sew up a test Skreenz for that vehicle
4 – We then return to the dealer to test the pattern and mark any adjustments
5 – Then back to our shop to make the next revision
6 – It takes 3-6 trips to the dealer/vehicle before the test pattern is fitted perfectly
6 – Then we make a hard template using the finalized test pattern
7 – We then make a production Skreenz from the hard template
8 – We return to the dealer and test the production Skreenz for proper fit
9 – We then ship the Skreenz to the customer

This process costs $250 to make the pattern and then $99 plus $10 shipping for a final pair of Front Door Window Skreenz.

We can’t guarantee a time frame for completing custom orders. Weather can be an issue – we don’t like standing in the rain and snow making patterns in a car lot an hour from our office. And may times the dealer sells the vehicle half way through the pattern development process and we have to find another vehicle at another dealer.

If you want us to make a set of custom Skreenz, contact us so we can discuss your particular needs. Once we agree on a plan, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the $359 that you can pay using any valid credit card.

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