Toyota Skreenz™

All of our Skreenz™ products (except GrillSkreenz™) are made out of a vinyl coated, strong fiberglass 20×20 mesh screen material that was originally developed for the US Army. The material will not scratch your vehicle’s paint. The small mesh opening keeps out those pesky No-See’ums. The Front Door Window Skreenz™ design is made like a pillowcase that slips over the top of the front door window frame. Some vehicles have a mirror base which requires a Velcro strap to connect the screen bottom edge under the mirror. When you close the door, the screen tightens up around the bottom edge inside and outside to keep out the bugs. Skreenz™ slip on your vehicle front door frame in 10 seconds. They come packaged in a reusable storage pouch. Just close the door and you have a layer of strong screen material on the inside and another layer of screen on the outside, ready to roll the window up or down to give you the amount of fresh air you need while protecting you from flies and mosquitoes.


Front Door Window Skreenz for Toyota Vehicles

We have Front Door Window Skreenz for the following Toyota vehicles:

Part # – Model/Year
FW-R4-1          Toyota RAV4 (2011-2012)
FW-R4-2          Toyota RAV4 (2013 and newer)
FW-T4              Toyota 4-Runner 4th generation N210 only (2002 – 2009)
FW-TV              Toyota Van – (1985 -1990)

The price for a PAIR (one for driver side & one for passenger side) of Toyota Front Door Window Skreenz™ is $99 per pair plus $10 packing/shipping via US Postal Priority Service anywhere in the Continental USA only – total $109. Have rain guards? Click here to see if they will fit over your Front Door Window Skreenz. Orders without a telephone number will not be processed.
For Shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and other international destinations, please contact us for a quote.

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