The Stronger Zipper Option is available for
Side Cargo Doors or Rear Cargo Doors only

Skreenz™ products are made with 20×20 mesh, a.k.a. No’See’ums screen.
The standard zippers on our Skreenz™ products are #4.5 spiral nylon zippers. These zippers have worked well for many years and have served our customers well for 30 years. Some customers are more frequent campers and use the zippers more frequently or use them under more extreme conditions of heat and cold that ultimately cause the standard zippers to fail.
To provide a better/stronger/longer lasting zipper for those customers, we are offering a new stronger zipper option.
The #12 molded plastic zipper has individually injected molded teeth, fused directly onto the tape of the zipper.
The resins used to manufacture the molded plastic chain are incredibly strong. These zippers are ideal for heavy weight outdoor applications like

Standard #4.5 spiral nylon zipper on left. — Optional #12 molded plastic zipper on right.

The heavier zipper is a bit wider than our standard zipper and thus requires adjusting the Skreenz™ patterns so they will fit properly. It also has the double pull tab so it can be opened from inside and outside.
The price for the stronger zipper option is $45 for each Skreenz product.
To order the stronger zipper option, click on the PayPal “Add to Cart” link below.

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